#58: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Marvel

So have you heard the news from Marvel lately? Edgar Wright left the Ant-Man movie? Marvel is cancelling the Fantastic Four? Marvel blocking toy licensing for X-Men and Amazing Spider-man movie tie ins? Has Marvel lost their way?  Are they becoming the evil empire? Well the guys not only discussed these issues this week, they did it as the first ever Super Hero Speak debate! Hear Ben take the pro Marvel side and John take the con as they discuss these issues in depth. Take a listen and decide for yourself. Enjoy!


#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: Who is the first major character to die in a Marvel comic? hint not a Timely comics title. To answer post on our FB page or tweet @SuperHeroSpeak #stumpthegeekspeak. A winner will be announced on the next episode.

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