So we recently got a chance to sit down with Michael Bracco writer of Adam Wreck for Alterna Comics. Here below is the interview, we hope you enjoy. And when you are done don’t forget to check out Alterna Comics for some great creator owned books like Adam Wreck!


SHS: Have you always wanted to work in comics?

MB: I loved comics as a kid and pre-teen and made a ton of my own.  It was always my dream at a young age to be a comic artist.  That said, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s meant that comics were not cool.  I was already dealing with a decent amount of teasing so I got rid of my comics right around the time I started high school and tried to get into ‘cooler’ things.  It wasn’t until college when I started getting back into them and rekindling my obsessive fascination.  By that time, though; I wasn’t really interested in superheroes anymore and my love of science fiction really found a voice.


SHS: Were you a fan of comics growing up? And if so what were some of your favorites books or characters?

MB: I loved Spiderman and Iron Man growing up but my absolute favorite was TMNT.  I was introduced to them through the super corny cartoon and the Archie comic series, and it wasn’t until a bit later that I looked back and got into their roots.  They are still one of my favorites and definitely one of my favorite indie comic history stories.


SHS: Can you please give us a brief description of your book Adam Wreck?

MB: Adam Wreck is a high adventure, pulp sci-fi about a space exploring family who after traveling through the empty cosmos for years, finally make a discovery.  Unfortunately, that discovery is a giant space-pirate ship that captures Adam’s parents and maroons him on a deserted planet.  The book is about Adam trying to find a way to escape the planet and save his parents with the help of Captain Voric, a smuggler looking for a great and mysterious treasure on the same planet that Adam is trapped.


SHS: What inspired you to create this book?

MB: Before I wrote Adam Wreck, I was writing a Sci-fi series for Alterna called NOVO, which was a much darker book for an older audience.  I work as a middle school art teacher and was always open about my life as a comic creator but couldn’t always share what I was working on.  I came up with Adam Wreck as a way to reach a younger audience.  It became the type of book that I would have wanted to read with my dad at a young age, filled with adventure to keep me interested and sci-fi comedy that would keep him into it as well.


SHS: What do you feel sets Adam Wreck apart from other comic books?

MB: It is the polar opposite of the dark and gritty comics that have dominated the market recently.  That said, it’s also not a ‘just for kids’ series.  I know that I have been subjected to some kids’ “fluff” when looking for stuff for my daughter and it makes it really hard for me to be engaged in her interests.  I’m hoping that the book is something that a kid and their parent can connect over.


SHS: How is the book being released, how can people get a copy?

MB: The most exciting part about how Adam Wreck (and every other Alterna title) is released is that it is printed on newsprint and therefore is very affordable at only $1.50 per issue!  As for where it’s released, you can probably still find it in your local comic shop, book store, or Toys ‘R’ Us but if not you can buy it directly from


SHS: We at Super Hero Speak have a motto of “Don’t let your cape get caught in the door” which basically means don’t let your own foibles, insecurities, or hang-ups get in the way of your own success in life. What is your “cape” or Achilles’ Heel that you have to work to prevent holding you back?

MB: I think that the hardest part of making a comic is actually making a comic.  What I mean is that it is so easy to start a comic but they are a lot of work…an astronomical amount of work…and commitment…and time…and they don’t always turn out the way you want them.  If you want to make a comic though, you have to be prepared to power through and complete what you start.  I know that it’s still the hardest part for me.  Once you do finish something, the sense of accomplishment is amazing.8 How do you measure success?


SHS: How do you measure success? 

MB: I measure success in two ways; creatively and financially.  From a creative standpoint, If I am making work that I am proud of and that effectively communicates fun and meaningful stories to an audience then I feel like a mega success.  Financial success can be a tougher one to reach.  It’s so rare that anyone becomes rich and famous from making comics and to bank on that is just foolish.  At this point, I feel like a huge success financially when comics contribute to my family in some concrete way.  This year, after a decade in the business, making and selling comics paid my mortgage.  I actually got emotional when I realized that and never felt that wonderful about such a small amount of money.


SHS: How can people find you online?

MB: I’m easy to find.  I’m @spaghettikiss on pretty much all social media (although Instagram is probably the best place to follow me) and my website is or


SHS: Do you have any other current or upcoming projects people should keep an eye out for?

MB: Yes!  My current project is called ‘The Creators.’ The book is about young people who can bring their artwork to life and the horrible ramifications of that power.  You can read it online at and I’ll be kickstarting the 2nd volume during the month of May 2018 (Volume 1 is available at  It’s definitely not an all ages book like Adam Wreck but if you’re itching for something a bit more serious and dramatic from me it’s the way to go!


Thanks for reading!

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