Sam, Violet, and Mike have decided to fulfill their destiny as the world’s greatest heroes. But unfortunately for them, “The Chosen” and their roster of vile villains have other plans in mind! Don’t miss out on the action-packed penultimate issue of this all-ages throwback!


BY Matt Vroom


AMAZING AGE #4, is the fourth in a five-issue miniseries published by ALTERNA COMICS. It is set to be released this Wednesday, November 22, 2017. It’s written by Matthew David Smith, with art by Jeremy Massie, and colors by Christine Brunson.


The AMAZING AGE miniseries was the first title that actually got me hooked onto ALTERNA. When I first started doing comic reviews, I picked up the Alterna Comics Starter Bundle on Etsy. This bundle contained Amazing Age #1Croak #1Adam Wreck #1 (who’s creator Dave did an interview with not too long ago), and Lilith Dark #1. I read each of these issues and did a quick review on them.


Months later, I have this awesome opportunity to review my favorite series from Alterna. This time I am doing it on Super Hero Speak instead of my old HTML/CSS nightmare of a site.


Since this issue was the fourth in the series, I wanted to go back and give a quick synopsis/review of the previous issues.




My Synopsis – A story about a kid with an imagination who used to make comics about superheroes that guest starred his friends until his life changed when tragedy struck. Years later he finds himself stuck in the world he created with his former friends.


My Review – A colorful story full of golden age styled art that seems to be geared towards an all-ages audience. However, it doesn’t skimp out on real world themes such as the loss of a family member.




My Synopsis – After a daring rescue from S.A.V.E., the trio of friends are told that they have a psychic connection to the superhero team J.E.T. Which disappeared after the main character, Sam, lost his father. They are told that a war is coming and the three of them are crucial to its outcome.


My Review – A good action issue. The art and the lettering had improved from one issue to the next. It delivers in explaining why the kids are on this planet and what could be at stake if they fail.




My Synopsis – Things get real. The leaders of all of the evil organizations gather together to form an alliance. They are all under the leadership of a super villain known as Gee. Meanwhile, J.E.T. begins their training for the impending war. This issue’s ending is explosive.


My Review – Doing a great job in fusing a family friendly story with real world chaos.


Now onto my review of AMAZING AGE #4.


I am starting to think that the good guys aren’t going to win. The previous three issues have set up a narrative that these three kids are on this planet to save the world. Yet, in the aftermath of everything that has happened in this issue, I cannot see how that is possible. I mean, these kids are in a tough place.


In my mind there is too much to resolve to have it all conclude in the next issue. I feel like this series can go on a couple more issues and I will be just okay with that. With that being said, the stakes at the end of this issue have never been higher.


The war that was prophesied has seemingly begun.


This comic, for what it’s worth, feels like a big comic book event despite it being an indie title. It feels like to me that there is so much to this world that I would like to explore. I really do hope that when this miniseries is over that there will be a sequel in that maybe we can see how all of these teams around the world operate.


One of the things that I really do like about this comic is the fact that it feels so expansive. There are so many characters with so many background stories. It would take a long time to flesh it all out. Yet, I would be interested in reading it.


My only complaint is that the story feels rushed for some reason. I have written a graphic novel myself, and I understand what goes into the story telling process. You want to make sure you are pacing it correctly. All of these issues do not seem to be too slow or too fast, but only that too much was crammed it. I wish this would be a ten issue story instead of a five, but hey, I am grateful for what I got.


I give this issue 8 out of 10 capes, and the series about an 8 overall too. It is definitely a worth while read. It is appropriate for all ages, and I feel like it could be something kids and adults would enjoy. There are a lot of deep undertones in the story telling. You could look into the psychology of it all as a story about a boy finally coming to grips with the death of his father in the only way he really knows how to, and that is by making comics.


It was even stated in this issue that Sam, the main protagonist, first started making comics because it was what his dad used to do. That they did it together. So for Sam to go back to the world he stopped creating when his dad died, in a way, is a method of approaching and accepting his father’s fate.


I think, if you go into reading this series with that mindset, then you are going to find this a moving story. Anyway, I don’t want to go too deep until I read the conclusion in issue 5 in a couple months. I would just recommend that you check this issue out this Wednesday.


And how can you do that, you might ask? Well if your local comic book shop doesn’t hold Alterna Comics titles, then you can order a physical copy directly from the Amazing Age Big Cartel store here. You can also check out the Alterna Comics store on Etsy here.


I’d like to tell you what else is coming out from Alterna since I doubt I will be able to review some of their other properties before this Wednesday. They have Doppelganger #1Lilith Dark #4IF Anthology: Crime, and Mr. Crypt #2. I might try to do a couple more of these reviews throughout the week if you are interested. Also, look forward to a review from Titan Comics and Zenescope coming your way soon.


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  • Matthew David Smith

    November 21, 2017 at 2:55 PM

    Hey!! Thank you so much for the kind words about our little book! This is definitely one of the best reviews I’ve seen and you certainly “get it”! We are putting the finishing touches on issue 5 as I write this, and I think you’ll be very pleased. Do we want to continue the book? YES! I have many more stories to tell…

    Thanks again,
    Matthew David Smith

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