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ALTERNA COMICS has done it once again with this wonderful conclusion to one of my favorite titles from 2017. AMAZING AGE #5 was written by Matthew David Smith with art by Jeremy Massie and Christine Brunson. It marks the final issue of five for this all ages saga of a group of friends who get sucked in to a world of heroes and villains.


I have eagerly been reading this series long before we were given the awesome privilege of reviewing Alterna’s titles. I have enjoyed this series so much that I have even put out an ad for my own comic series (SUPER ELDERS) in issue #4 (here). I was hooked after the first issue, and was really glad when everything was wrapped up so well in this issue.


At the very core this story is about a boy who must come to grips with the lost of his father. The common bond that they shared was in the creation of comics and superheroes. In a touching way, this story at its surface is an action story, and in its core, a drama.


I would suggest to everyone who is reading this article to read this comic (and the entire series.) You can purchase some of issues from Alterna’s Etsy store, or all of the issues from Amazing Age’s BigCartel store.


I have already done a pretty good analysis of the series as a whole in my previous article about it. I can’t really say more about this issue except that you would have needed to read the entire miniseries from start to finish to really enjoy the pay off in this issue. There is definitely a door wide open for future stories, and I do hope that they announce what’s next to come in the future.


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