When roaming warriors Atlas and Axis return home to find that their village has been destroyed by Viking raiders, they set off on a perilous journey across land and sea to save their friends!


By Matt Vroom


The second week of the year is finally upon us, and comes with it is my first official review of a comic published by our pals over at TITAN COMICS. The book that I will be going over today is Pau’s ATLAS & AXIS #1, as published by the STATIX PRESS imprint from Titan Comics.


ATLAS & AXIS was originally published in French as Le Saga D-Atlas & Axis into two volumes called “albums,” as French comics are often referred as. Volume One was released in 2011, and Volume Two in 2013. According to BLEEDING COOL, Titan announced at New York Comic Con last year that they would be bringing this series to English audiences.


The story is kind of great as the art style and setting reminded me a lot of the comic series BONE by Jeff Smith. It stars two anthropomorphic dogs on a quest for revenge against Viking cannibals that destroyed their village and took their women and puppies.


It is a unique comic, and I was surprised as I read it because it was unlike anything that I have ever read before. The art draws you in as the cartoonish characters and animals are so inviting, but you soon realize that you are reading a Disney comic book. No way Jose! What you are reading is a story about devastation, cannibalism, poop, and all other sorts of canine-related shenanigans. I would not let your child read this comic, but you definitely could give it a gander.


Admittedly, this has been my favorite comic book to come out of the STATIX PRESS imprint. I really appreciate what Titan has done with bringing these international gems into the rest of the comic book world. It adds flavor to an otherwise bland industry that is suffering superhero fatigue.


Yes, I said it. There is a fatigue, and all of the industry is suffering from it. Movie studios are making billions for cashing in on recycled plots with one-dimensional heroes and half-dimensional villains. Movies using more violence, blood, crass humor, and sex to sell their stories to adults and mature audiences because they know that is where the money is at.


Comic book sales aren’t what they used to be because the bigger comic book companies are stuck playing catch up with their movie and television show properties. They get stuck on what exactly they can do, and how far they can push their own envelopes. There is a lot of shuffling going on between the big two, and not really anything good coming out of it.


Granted I have been enjoying Dark Nights: Metal, and Doomsday Clock, but those are stories that are written and drawn by the best in the industry and they do play into fanboy nostalgia. Some of these smaller companies, like Titan, are leading the industry now because they have not allowed themselves to be bogged down by the pressures of the status quo.


That is why I liked this book so much. It’s a great story that has a refreshing concept and execution. It is a risky property, but a true modern jem. There are themes of isolation, love, companionship, revenge, sorrow, loss, and courage. It is smart and quippy. There is a lot of things going on this story and it is definitely a solid purchase that is worth every cent you paid for it.


I give this book a 9 out of 10 capes and would rate it for an audience of 12+ in age. The art is cartoony. I like that because I am also a cartoonist. However, the writing is very sophisticated. It almost transcends its art style. I would recommend this to any true fan of the art of comic books. This book comes out January 10, 2018, and will be sold for $5.99 (just in case that scares you, remember it is a 45-page book.)


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