The Cold War superhero returns – originally launched in 1954 by the creators of Captain America, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby! Join Fighting American and Speedboy as they navigate the dangers and wonders of the modern world.

FIGHTING AMERICAN #2, Written by Gordon Rennie, Art by Duke Mighten


BY Matt Vroom


Well, I was supposed to have this article written last week, and I admit that I was slacking. However, I do feel like I still need to write this review. Not only to fulfill my obligation to Titan Comics, because they are kind enough to send us copies of their books to review. Also, not only because I promised Dave this review a week ago, and he has been really patient with me. I am writing this review because I really dig this book, and I want you, the reader, to jump on-board this band wagon.


FIGHTING AMERICAN #2 picks up where #1 left off. Fighting American and Speedboy both get locked up by NYPD. They are questioned and teased by their interrogators because their stories are so far fetched. I mean who wouldn’t believe that a genetically modified, costumed vigilante created by the government travels through time with his teen side kick to beat up a villain called “Poison Ivan?” A pretty typical story right?


Well, the NYPD ain’t having it, so the FBI sends in an agent who has been given a second chance to redeem herself. Why she needs a second chance has not yet been revealed, but she is an interesting character. A perfect character actually. She represents the world today, and the progress it has made since the early day of the Cold War.


Her name is Lydia Rutherford. When she first meets Fighting American, he mistakes her as a secretary, and makes several mentions to Speedboy how they will have to settle working with her until a “proper” agent is sent to help them. “Proper” in this case means “male.”


I feel like this is the modern retelling of the CAPTAIN AMERICA story that we deserve today. It covers more ground than the CAPTAIN AMERICA movies, in regards to social commentary and the reality of a golden age hero traveling to present time.


I think that was Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s original idea surrounding the Fighting American character. Our lives today are plagued with years and years of unchecked prejudice and bigotry. Both those words are controversial, but facts are facts. The Cold War ended in 1991, and the war of western vs. eastern ideals has evolved and a terrifyingly rapid pace.


Fighting American represents a time period where blacks, whites, and minorities were divided, equal rights didn’t exist, and women had to settle to for meager positions. The world has changed. I am excited to see what cracks first in this series. Will Fighting American see the error of his time, or would the modern world begin to refuse to work hand in hand with Fighting America because of his narrow minded ways? I believe it is the latter.


I am excited to see what happens in issue three. The plot is starting to move forward, and we are beginning to see what the motivations are that drive this story.


I give this issue a 8 out of 10 capes. The writing has gotten me invested in this book. The art is a little iffy for me. The mismatched proportions are something I find myself nitpicking a lot in comic book art. Which is funny since I can’t say that I am any better than Duke Mighten. In fact I know I am not, and the art is actually very good.


I’d recommend you all pick up this issue and #1, and continue to read what Fighting American has to offer in the upcoming issues. You can purchase FIGHTING AMERICAN #2 on Comixology for $3.99 HERE.


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