Grimm Fairy Tales  #9
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art By: Julius Abrera
Colors by: Jorge Cortes
Letters by: Taylor Esposito

“Taking over after the death of her mother Sela, Skye Mathers is the new Guardian of the Nexus. With the help of Shang, her mentor, she is learning the extent of her new powers, and trying to figure out the mystery of her connection to the book of Fairy Tales.

Now with her book, she controls a power she doesn’t fully understand, power that pulls her to where she is needed to help others.

Freshly released from her lamp after a thousand years, Jasmine is adapting to her new world just fine. But someone still wants her power and they’ll go through anyone and anything to get it…including Skye Mathers and all of Arcane Acre.”

I must say that I am really enjoying this series. The writing and art are both very strong in this book. With the recent success of the Wonder Woman film it’s great to see other strong written female characters. And that is one thing Zenescope usually does very well.

In this issue Jasmine reveals how she was originally trapped in the lamp which introduces us to our main villain, Gruel. And though his intentions are not yet fully revealed, he does have an interest in our hero. The story takes a few twists and turns and does an excellent job of illustrating the Gruel does have the upper hand at this time.

Skye confronts Gruel in the book, but comes up short. It wasn’t exaclt ywhat I was expecting and I enjoyed that about this book. My only complaint with the writing might be that the antagonist dialog is a little hokey. There is a scene in particular where Gruel is mono-logging to Skye and it come off a little over the top.  But maybe that’s just my cynicism at my age of seeing something over and over again 😉

The art is masterfully done in this series. When Skye loses to Gruel Julius Abrera does an excellent job of conveying the devastation she is feeling at that moment. Julius also does an excellent job of not making a sphinx look silly. No in fact the sphinx does come off very intimidating. which really helps sell the moment in the book extremely well.

Again I say well written female heroes with twist and turns a plenty. A must read for an Zenescope fan, or fan of string female characters. I give this issue 8 out of 10 capes.

8 out of 10 capes
8 out of 10

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