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Late Knights: A Sense of Steel #1, is the all-ages British action adventure from Level 8 comics. It was written by Jon Laight, with art by Matt Strott, and lettering done by Ken Reynolds.


I first came across this comic through its artist, Matt Strott, whom I found on Twitter. It was during a period of time this year where I was reaching out to a bunch of independent comic book creators. Matt’s artwork is very distinctive, and he has been teasing and promoting this comic way before the Kickstarter campaigned was ever launched.


This project peaked my interest even further when I saw Ken Reynolds attached to it. I once reviewed one of Ken’s other books, Cognition #1, and I really enjoyed it. So when the two of these artists that I admired came to collaborate on this book, I knew that I couldn’t pass it up.


Level 8 is a independent publishing company located in England. They are more well known for their series Brethren Born which was created by Jon Laight as well. They are a great studio and I suggest you check them out!


So now for the review of this comic. Here is the official synopsis:


Late Knights: A Sense of Steel is full of super spy coolness and excitement and shows what hard work can achieve. We’ve tried to bring you a story that inspires you to write, read and create so that you use those fantastic imaginations to immerse yourselves in our story and maybe even write you own comic books!


This comic is for those who would like to see the Kingsmen movie, but do not like the fact that it is not family friendly. There is comedy and action throughout the story. It moves relatively fast, and gives you a great introduction to the resurrection of the Knights Templar and their place in the world today.


The story begins during a summer-time storm in modern-day London. On the first page you meet the Late family. Each member of the family is a trained warrior. They are a family full of spies.


You got the dad who looks like a cross between Colin Firth and Austin Powers, a Gothic elder sister, and two younger twins who are super tech savvy. Where is the mother? Well, that’s basically the conflict of this story.


I am not going to give away any more plot details, but I will tell you that it was very well written.


Jon, the writer, Tweeted at me saying that this book was in “unknown territory” for him. I assume that’s because the audience is younger than it would be for Brethren Born. Yet despite his own fears, it was very clever and fun.


I would recommend this book to everyone. It is not very often that you can come across an indie studio that releases all ages stories. It is no wonder that Level 8 was able to completely fund its Kickstarter campaign far ahead in advance to its closing date.


The art is also very good. I was mostly impressed by the scenery. Matt brought London to me in every panel of this comic. I mean..WOW! Not only does the architecture look amazing, but he did incredible in the coloring for this comic.


Ken, as always, did a great job with lettering. His work could rival those working in any of the big studios today.


I give this comic 8 out of 10 capes. It is a fun comic, and your kids would enjoy them. The story wasn’t overtly complicated, and pretty straightforward for the most part. The art style fit the audience, and it was inviting for young readers. Great job Level 8 for putting out another great book. I am looking forward to reading the second issue.


If you would like to read this comic you can find it after October 14th. Level 8 is currently fulfilling Kickstarter backer rewards, and is set to finish it for the most part before releasing it to the mass public.


However, you can get a hold of their other series Brethren Born on today! So go ahead a check it out. After you do please feel free to leave a comment on this article. I would like to hear your feedback.


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