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ROBOTECH #3, is the third exciting installment of Titan Comics‘ ongoing comic book series. I have to tell you that this is honestly my favorite series that they have been putting out. It’s written by Marco Lesko with art by John Workman.


What is also cool is that Hollywood Reporter recently…um….”reported” that Robotech will be getting a big screen film adaption of the 80s anime series! (That article here.) You want to know what else is pretty exciting about that news? Well, Andy Muschietti, the guy that directed “It” is attached to direct the film. Pretty crazy right? Considering how “It” has been consistently tearing it up in the box office ranking in tons of dough for Warner Bros.


The only downside to this news is that Sony is set to produce the film… well we just can’t have everything we want now can we?


So here is the official synopsis for the comic:


Harmony Gold’s cult 80’s TV series, Robotech, returns for all-new adventures!
Honestly, that’s all we got. Don’t fret though because I am about to go super extensive in this review right now, and tell you why you need to be reading the Robotech series.


My two favorite characters in this book are Rick Hunter and Lynn Minmei. It’s probably due to the fact that these past three issues have mostly focused on their character development.


In the previous issues the humans aboard the Super-Dimension Fortress (or SDF-1) have folded somewhere at the edge of the solar system in order to run away from some bad guys.


They took the entire population of Macross Island with them in some giant bubble in space, and Rick and Lynn have been trapped in a unused cargo bay on the SDF-1 for a couple of weeks.


In this issue you will see Rick and Lynn open up to one another. Obviously they hint at liking each other, but you got to figure out some way to survive. It is kind of like a teen romance story in space.


There are some moments in the story to continue the overall plot for the series. I think that it was important for the writers to develop a solid relationship dynamic between Rick and Lynn because I feel it will be used again at a crucial point in this arc’s climax.


The art in this book is pretty great. If anything it has peaked my interest in this intellectual property. I find myself actually looking up more and more about the Robotech lore.


I give this comic issue 8.5/10 capes. There isn’t much action, but there is a lot of plot set up that I know will pay off in future issues.


I give the overall series a 9/10 capes. I feel like all of the SHS family should check this series out. Mostly due to the fact that it builds on nostalgia and then gives something more for newer fans. I would really like to see a resurgence of Robotech into our culture. I feel that due to the lackluster performance of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies that the world really needs a solid giant robot universe to gravitate towards.


But we shall see if Pacific Rim or Voltron will get there first.


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