Super Elders #1 by Matt Vroom

COMIC REVIEW: Super Elders #1

By Matt Vroom

I know that this review is a little unusual, and I promise that I will get back to our normal reviewing schedule later this week.

However, I wanted to introduce to the Super Hero Speak audience something that I have been working on for a very long time.

If you guys don’t already know by now, or have figured it out, I should preface this article with the announcement that I am indeed Mormon. However, I am not saying that to convert or preach, but to say that I view the comic industry a little differently than most.

I do not watch Game of Thrones, and I turn away from a lot of comics because of their adult oriented content. I’m not saying that other people can’t enjoy them because obviously there is an audience for those type of comics.

One of the reasons why I wrote Super Elders, is because I feel like there was a lack of high morals in comics. So, I decided to make one.

Super Elders draws from a lot of experience that I gained while serving a church mission in Montana and Wyoming from 2009-2011. I set out to make something that was blatantly moral, but was also enjoyable for all audiences.

Here is my official synopsis:

An alien is sent to Earth to protect it from a great evil, but fails. In a desperate move to fulfill his objective, he bestows an unlikely duo with super powers…. Mormon missionaries. Are we doomed? Find out in this first of four issues action comedy for all audiences.

I know that I can’t honestly give a review on my own comic, but I hope that you get that opportunity to do so for yourself.

I’d recommend this entire series for everyone because I tried hard to make it applicable to anyone.

We have all felt overburdened with great responsibly, and sometimes the best ways to overcome adversity is to laugh about it.

I hope that you find a few chuckles while reading this comic. It is available for digital download on ComixCentral for only 99 cents.

When it becomes available on Amazon I will also let you know.

Thanks again, and on Thursday I will be writing about some exciting news that Titan Comics just dropped about its new international imprint.

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