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I hope everyone is having an incredible holiday season so far. I will be out of town for the next few weeks, and hope to be picking up on my reviews when I come back. However, before I book it to the Twin Cities, I wanted to give a quick review of a web comic one of our readers submitted to us.


DIGITOPIA, is a project written by Farhan Qureshi, from the UK. It was originally written in 2012 and was intended to become a film. It was later realized in a form of a comic drawn by Sebastian Piriz, from Argentina, with colors and lettering done by Simon Robins, from Australia. This trio of creators came from around the world. They are a testament of how the internet can bring people together to collaborate in ways which were never possible before.


The web comic itself has only a handful of pages released as of this writing. Four of them to be exact. The promise is that it will become a full length graphic novel. So make sure you stayed tuned for any updates that are released by the guys to stay in the loop. You can visit their website at where you can also sign up to their newsletter.


So why am I reviewing a web comic with so few pages completed? Well, it’s because it is already a pretty solid story. The combined efforts of the two artists, Seb and Simon, really make this dystopian future come to life. The art is just so good. When you visit the web site there is a blurb beneath each page. It has a brief message from one of the creators, and shows you each step of the creation process for that page. If you have ever been interested in what a team of people use to create the final product then you should be following this comic.


The writing has been good so far. When there are a few more pages I will be able to give a better assessment and feel for the themes and direction this story is going. Farhan is no stranger to the entertainment business. If you check out his personal blog (here) then you will be able to see that he has worked on some pretty big projects such as Batman Begins and Pirates from Aardman Animation. I trust that this story will be a good one.


More updates are sure to come.


Thanks Farhan for reaching out to me, and good luck with the rest of this series!


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