So I’m genuinely curious about this, as I hope you are as well. I’ve actually heard the argument against female led superhero movies of people don’t want to see them or their comics don’t do well, so why would people go see their movies? Well to answer the first point, Wonder Woman proved, obviously, people do want to see female lead superhero movies. As for the second point, the main demographic that reads comics historically has been male. Specifically pre-teen – teenage, and obviously they will tend to read the adventures of a character they identify with, but the movie going audience is a different animal. When you look at movies like Alien, the Hunger Games, Kill Bill and many more audiences do accept female led movies, Hollywood just needs to make more.

But what happened, Wonder Woman came out and did way better than even the studio that put it together thought it would do. With a movie with a 150 million dollar budget and less marketing than all other superhero movies, ever, the film made over 800 million world wide. Imagine what it would have done with actual marketing.But what happened after the success? Did Marvel put another female hero in their line up? Did DC right away green light a sequel and announce a large slate of female heroes? No. Warner Brothers waits 6 weeks before green lighting a sequel and is STILL in negations with Patty Jenkins to return as the director.Oh and don’t forget Batgirl was announced BEFORE Wonder Woman came out and WB only agreed to it, because Joss Whedon wanted to do it. As for Marvel, still only have a Captain Marvel film on the table. Why are these companies still hesitating? Is it because of sexism? Is it because they are afraid of losing money? Are they just stupid? Hmmmm…..

Well, I think it’s because Hollywood is really out of ideas. So I’ve decided to help them, here are a couple of female superheroes I think would make for amazing movies. These are new-ish ideas that, in my opinion, would make for compelling superhero movies.

She-Hulk – Ok, so I can hear what you are saying already, “The Hulk doesn’t work as a movie, why would She-Hulk?” First I’d like to point out that they haven’t done the Hulk correctly in a movie yet. Mindless Hulk is not the Hulk from the comics and all of the best Hulk stories are about the duality of Bruce Banner and the Hulk’s personalities. Hopefully they will show that a bit in the new Thor movie. But, She-Hulk is different, like all of the other gamma based Marvel superheroes Jennifer Walters keeps the same personality when she transforms into She-Hulk. I feel you could do a very interesting story of a woman dealing with her identity. In the comics Jennifer Walters is a lawyer driven by a sense of justice due to her father being murdered wen she was seventeen. How ever she’s shy and reserved, but after she revives the powers of She-Hulk she begins to prefer the form of She-Hulk due to the confidence it gives her. But there’s your story a woman dealing with confidence issues who in the end finds her inner strength. I think with the right actress (Tatiana Maslany) it could be very compelling movie.Zatanna – Young Zatanna Zatara only wishes to make her dad proud by following in his footsteps as a stage magician. But what she doesn’t know is that her father actually has magical powers and she her self has inherited them. And it’s due to these powers that her father get’s kidnapped by some very powerful people. Now she must use her newly discovered powers to locate and rescue her father. Can she save him in time and become the hero she’s destined to be? This would also introduce magic into the DCEU the same way Doctor Strange did for the MCU which can add a whole new dynamic to their story telling.

Well these are my opinions on female super hero movies. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments down below or on Facebook of Twitter. Until next time, don’t let your cape get caught in the door!


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