#125: Charlton Comics: The Movie!

This weeks the guys sit down with the creative team behind Charlton Comics: The Movie!

#124: The Big Quiz Thing (Noah Tarnow)

Noah Tarnow, self proclaimed nerd and quiz master, sits downs with the guys

SHS News: Independence Day comic coming from Titan Comics

Titan Comics is thrilled to announce it has secured the license to publish all-new Independence Day comics

Interview: Garth Ennis

Super Hero Speak Interviews Garth Ennis about Preacher and Johnny Red

SHS News: Titan Comics release trailer for The Troop

Titan Comics releases a trailer for The Troop

#123: Burton and Schumacher (Inheritance)

This week the guys sit down with the creators of the comic book phenomenon Inheritance.

Rant: Sticker shock and comic book conventions

Dave rants about the price of photos at comic book conventions

SHS Comic: Catch me if you Stan!

Check out the world premiere of our very first online comic!

Review: The Paybacks #1

Have you ever wondered where superheroes get the money to do their crime fighting? Check out The Paybacks!

SHS News: Noel Clark to release creator-owned comic

Noel Clark to release creator-owned comic with Titan Comics

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