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Black Panther is a good film, but haven’t we seen this already?

This week the guys sit down with Omar Spahi the creative mind behind Xenoglyphs.  Xenoglyphs follows Steven James and his best friend Dom Jenkins as they try to stop Anubis, the master of evil, from collecting all nine Xenoglyphs. Omar also talks about his involvement with the Robbie Amell project Code 8. All this and much more, so sit back and enjoy!

In this episode the guys sit down with actor/writer/producer Bobby Del Rio (IRL The Series). Bobby talks about his career and where he thinks the entertainment industry is going. Plus he discusses his acclaimed play Professionally Ethnic. All this ans more in this episode of Super Hero Speak, enjoy!

In this episode the guys are joined by Marvel’s The Punisher actor Michael Nathanson (Homeland Security Agent Sam Stein) . Micheal and the guys discuss his career, The Punisher and the fact the he’s a big nerd himself. Micheal also reveals his deepest darkest desire to have a Sam Stein Funko Pop! They also discuss what it was like to work on Wolf of Wall Street and Madame Secretary. All this and much more, so sit back and enjoy!

Watch the Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer here!

This week Jason Tudor returns to Super Hero Speak. He tells the guys what he’s been up to since he was last on and the pitfalls of being an independent creator. Plus they discuss what to do when you play with the devil’s hands. So sit back and enjoy!

We recently got a chance to sit down with Patrick Trahey creator of XII for Alterna Comics. Here below is the interview, we hope you enjoy. And when you are done don’t forget to check out Alterna Comics for some great creator owned books like XII! SHS: Have you always wanted to work in comics? PT:
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Long overshadowed by other superheroes from different universes but no less beloved by hordes of dedicated fans, X-O Manowar is the central hero and flagship comic in Valiant Entertainment’s universe of superheroes.

This week the guys sit down with Dan Sheppard from Alterna comics. Dan talks about his up coming book Sonitus, and where inspired the book. Plus he shares what it’s like to show a theater full of 20 something;s Clerks. (hint they aren’t a fan of black and white films) All this and so much more, so sit back and enjoy!

In this episode Dave, John and JD kick of 2018 by looking back on the year that was 2017. Discussing their favorite movies, TV shows and moments of 2017. Plus their least favorite moments. The audience is polled on their favorite comic book film of 2017 and what are the guys looking forward to in 2018. Sit back and enjoy!

Ok, so before you attack, put down your pitchforks and torches and hear me out. A lot of people say today that Empire Strikes Back is the best of all the Star Wars movies. But people forget that is a retrospective view of the movie. In 1980, when Empire came out it wasn’t as loved
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This week the guys review the most divisive Star Wars film ever, The Last Jedi. Initially unsure about the film, they have found themselves defending this film to other Star Wars fans.  With complex character development and twists on themes from the old Star Wars film Last Jedi has disappointed some fans. So listen to what we have to say then let us know if you agree with what we have to say, and let us know what Star Wars means to you. Enjoy!

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