This week the guys bring you 2 more of their interviews from New York Comic Con 2017.

Check out some photos from New York Comic Con 2017, Friday!

Check out some photos from New York Comic Con 2017, Thursday!

By Matt Vroom   Today I am going to be reviewing something a little more patriotic from Titan Comics. Titan Comics has a lot of titles that are European. Some of their more well known books originated from folks across the Atlantic. They are well known for their “Doctor Who” comics, and other like stories.
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This week the guys talk about their experience at New York Comic Con 2017!

  By Matt Vroom   THE GULL #1, is the first issue in the spin-off series from the well received SALT CITY STRANGERS by Hoffmangler Studios. It was written by Alex Springer, with pencils by Chris Puglise, inks by Minnesota Mike, cover by Jefter Leite, and edited by Andrew Main.   This comic also includes a
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  By Matt Vroom   Late Knights: A Sense of Steel #1, is the all-ages British action adventure from Level 8 comics. It was written by Jon Laight, with art by Matt Strott, and lettering done by Ken Reynolds.   I first came across this comic through its artist, Matt Strott, whom I found on
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This week the guys sit down and bring you a round of Stump the Geek(Batman edition)

This week the guys sit down with the one and only Ethan Van Sciver!

By Matt Vroom ROBOTECH #3, is the third exciting installment of Titan Comics‘ ongoing comic book series. I have to tell you that this is honestly my favorite series that they have been putting out. It’s written by Marco Lesko with art by John Workman.   What is also cool is that Hollywood Reporter recently…um….”reported”
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Hey superhero fans, in case you missed this is what happened this week in geek. HISHE takes on Wonder Woman Nerdist shows us what it would look like if Thor was made in the 80s The official Punisher trailer was released Dave gives a rebuttal on  Cosplay ruining conventions Is cosplay ruining conventions? The guys discuss
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Stefano Labbia is a comic book creator from Italy and he is currently promoting his new graphic Novel Kremsi.

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