Stefano Labbia is a comic book creator from Italy and he is currently promoting his new graphic Novel Kremsi. Labbia describes his novel like this: Jackson Moore is a metal worker living in New York, with his young son. An explosion of a secret lab, overwhelms him one night. He remains hurt and strange substances pervade and flow into his body. He finds out later that he can turn into Kremisi, a super able to do anything for his mind. Everything he imagines is created instantly, any power he desires, comes to him alone by using thought. Kremisi  patrols New York at night, secretly. But The Warrior of the Night (James Karl Viper) a super criminal, will cross his path …

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with this brilliant creator for a quick Q and A session here is it below..

SHS: Have you always wanted to work in comics?
SL: I grew up with comic books (especially Marvel comics): let’s say it was “inevitable”, after I became an author, who I write one of my own!

SHS: Were you a fan of comics growing up? And if so what were some of your favorites books or characters?
SL: Yes! My first comic was the Spider Man Classic 51, a reprint of Peter Parker’s 60s stories. It was 1995, if I’m not mistaken… My favorite comic character? I really think is Petey / Spidey! Followed by Lupin III, Conan the Barbarian, the Bone Brothers and Conan Edogawa! Oh… Just between us … if I could, at home, i devote a entirely room to comics! Series like Dragon Ball, Dr Slump & Arale, Conan the Barbarian, Spiderman, Detective Conan, Pogo and Bone are my favorites! I read and re-read them, all the time!

SHS: Can you please give us a brief description of your book Kremisi?
SL: The protagonist is Jackson Moore, African American man, who works at the metalmeccanic industries: he always take the night hours, better pay. But when the work detail is over, the “unlucky” Jackson goes to the wrong place at the wrong time: the explosion of a secret lab, where the chemicals being studied from the evil biologists, hits his body and pervade it. After that situation, everything changes for him… Man finds out to be able to accomplish and create everything he thinks… and comes to across an evil Boss of the place (New York), ending which taking out him, with his whole gang, because he got an innate sense of justice. It’s the beginning of the end, for him…

SHS: What inspired you to write this book?
SL: I didn’t wanna wrote a “story with superhumans with super problems”. I think… I think that the creative product must need something inside. An answer. Or a reply. Novels, poetry, comics… need to push you in face the truth. And its need to tell you something who you know. Or something who you don’t know. I love the totally “entertainment freaky products” but i don’t really like to wrote it. So… I hope Kremisi (and Super Santa too) can give you all of that.

SHS: What do you feel set Kremisi apart from other comic books?
SL: Like i said… answer. And, of course, funny moments! In particular when the little heroine (Super Madness) runs into the action!

SHS: How is the book being released, how can people in the United States get a copy?
SL: I’ve got two interested proposal for released in US and in Europe “Kremisi” volume. Also in Italy, of course… However, at now the volume is a working in progress. We hope to released it in 2018.

SHS: What is the comic book industry/culture like in Italy/Europe?
SL: In Italy comic books are not so diffuse like in the rest of Europe. And it’s just a few short years that the comics are available even in the book stores. In the recent past, infact, we had got just a comicbooks stores but them are very very few compared to the book stores. We had us a lot of great artists and writers but the comic culture as not yet become widespread. And that is a very very shame… Comics are regarded as a “products for children”. Now with the graphic novels, something is happening. But it’s a long way to became like US and Europe where this kind of culture is solid…

SHS: Have you been to conventions in the US? How does the comic book culture differ in the US from Italy?
SL: Yes, we’ll organize a tour in Italy. I’m pretty sure about it. Of course, it will depends by the publisher, so… i can’t say something of sure, at now. Coming in US would be awesome!

SHS: We at Super Hero Speak have a motto of “Don’t let your cape get caught in the door” which basically means don’t let your own foibles, insecurities, or hang-ups get in the way of your own success in life. What is your “cape” or Achilles’ Heel that you have to work to prevent holding you back?
SL: Very, very great motto! And very very great question! I don’t know… I think everybody got an Achille’s Heel… and a “cape” too. Probably mine is write always and always. I can’t stop myself to write. And that situation makes it who i work constanctly on new series / new show / new project. Probably I should relax much more.

SHS: How do you measure success?
SL: Oh… i really don’t know. Probably success is when you can do what you want to do. So… Now i do what i wanna do: write. Did I answer to your question, more or less?

SHS: Do you have any other current or upcoming projects people should keep an eye out for?
SL: Of course! In 2018 will be published, in Italy, the first volume of “Killer Loop’S”, a dark – noir – pulp graphic novel for LFA Publisher! In plus, i’m working on a one-shot volume called “Leroy Lambick”: a very pulp story with an afroamerican guy with a special medallion that gives to him super powers, as a protagonist. A series of events makes it that he faces against his “bad criminal family”… I’m still working on the series of Kremisi’s universe as “Titania”, “Super Madness” and “Super Santa”. Oh… I’m in search of a mangaka for special project! For Leroy Lambick i’ve got three USA publisher interested. Probably it will be released only in US market.



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