By Matt Vroom.

Well everyone, I cannot tell you how excited I am to being able to preview this book for you. I have been watching Mad Cave Studios on Twitter for some time, and I have been very impressed with their marketing and brand identity.

This is why I jumped on the opportunity when they tweeted out that they were willing to give copies to others to review their upcoming comic.

And now here we are…

BATTLECATS #5, is the fifth installment of one of MAD CAVE STUDIOS flagship titles. It was written by Mark London, art by Michael Camelo, and colors by Julian Gonzalez.

It comes out tomorrow (September 6, 2017,) and will be available to purchase on Comixology, Amazon, and Drivethrough Comics. (Click here for those links.)

Here’s the official synopsis:

END OF ARC. The Battlecats are faced with a difficult decision, one that directly contradicts the orders of King Eramad III. Meanwhile, the seeds for an evil uprising in Valderia have been planted. What does fate have in store for Valderia? What will become of our heroes?

If you have been following this epic already then you are familiar with the different lands and people. Well if you don’t, then here is a run down…

Long ago there was a entity called the Lion God that gave life to Valeria, the fantastical world that this story is set in. The felines were the species to rise above the others.

They did not get along with each other, and the many tribes fought one another. Then one day the first feline with a mane rose up and conquered the world.

He brought with him order, and established an organized way of life for his people. Over the years there was a sacred order called the Battlecats. They were a bunch of great warriors whose only purpose was to serve their king.

It’s a cool little story, and you can download their #0 issue for free. It covers a lot more in regards to the political and geographical structure of this world.

In issue #4 the Battlecats were tasked to take down a beast. In this issue they discover a greater conspiracy surrounding it.

It causes them a little bit of grief, and they even have their loyalty to their king questioned because of it.

It is a great read, but has a bit of violence. There’s a lot of blood in the action parts of the story, but it is understandable. I mean it is a book about warrior cats. So…there will be blood.

I give this issue a 9 out of 10 capes. It is a really good indie flick, and I think it would be worthwhile to check out for yourselves. The art is very well drawn, and the colors are like nothing I have ever seen.

You owe it to yourself to check out the great things Mad Cave Studios is doing right now.

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