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ROBOTECH #4 is the stunning conclusion of the first story-arc in this amazing series called ROBOTECH published by Titan Comics. It was written by Brian Wood with art by Marco Turini.


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Now enough of my plug…here is the review!


Official synopsis:

Ten years ago, a mysterious ship crashed on Macross Island in the South Pacific. In the intervening years, the people of Earth have used the ‘Robotechnology’ from the ship to significantly advance their own technology.

On the launch day of the Super-Dimension Fortress (the SDF-1), Earth is attacked by mysterious aliens. The SDF-1 is eventually forced to ‘space-fold’ into space – but takes a chunk of Macross City with them (the city and its citizens have been moved inside the massive SDF-1).

The SDF-1 is now lost in space, while the aliens prepare to attack again…


I wanted to start this review with a kind of cool “first” for me. This comic was the first one that I have ever reviewed that had an “embargo.” Which is basically a hold of information until a designated date set by the publisher. The embargo lifted on November 1st, 2017. Which might be today if you are reading this review on that date. The reason why there was an embargo has to do with needing to prevent potential leaks on plot details surrounding this issue of ROBOTECH.


If you do not want to be spoiled right now, then I suggest that you buy the comic first via Comixology for only $3.99, read it, and then come back to this review…


You did that yet? Good.


So a lot of cool stuff happened in this issue. First off the SDF-1 finally transformed! It was a sight to behold. I think that seeing the ship transform was something that I wanted to see happen ever since I first read issue one. Not only did it transform, but it kicked some serious alien butt in the process. So much so that the aliens had to admit that they had never seen the SDF-1 be handled in the manner as it was depicted in this book.


I guess that is basically the summary of this “retelling” of the Robotech story. I usually don’t read the letters to the editor section in comics, but I stuck around and read it this time. It was interesting to see the reactions from life long fans of the series. Some people just aren’t accustomed to change, but I think that Titan is doing a great job in stringing along new and old fans, although as a new comer myself I did have some issues with this…um issue.


The next story line is the “Southern Cross” story arc. A quick search in Google lets you know that the Armies of the Southern Cross is a military force part of the United Earth Forces. Luckily, if you are unfamiliar with this group (such as I am,) I guess you can catch up on Robotech on Netflix and find out their significance.


There is another major plot twist that happens at the very end of this issue. I don’t want to give that away, but I will say that it was a little predictable to me. I do not think the series has done enough character development for new readers. I have read every issue and I am only attached to one of those characters. So when, let’s say, someone seemingly dies, I: A) don’t feel an emotion impact, and B) don’t see why it had to happen to progress the story.


I give this issue a 7 out of 10 capes. I was a little confused about the plot twist at the end. This series as a whole has been a 8/10 for me, but I don’t think that it has done a good enough of a job in introducing this series to Robotech newcomers. I am sure that if I took the time to watch the series I would understand it more, but AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!


The art was incredible as always, and I can’t wait to read issue 5 in December. Speaking of which, the trade consisting of the first four issues of ROBOTECH will be available on February 20, 2018. We will keep you posted for when it comes closer to that date.


I wanted to again say thank you for reading these articles. It really helps us see what you guys are interested in. We have recently been put on the review list for ALTERNA COMICS. I am a big fan of those guys, and am excited to review their comics alongside those we get from Titan.


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