Will Affleck kill the DC Movie Universe?


So they cast Affleck as the Dark Knight. I had said this before, and now I am saying it again, feels like a publicity stunt. So before we have a script and thus have a tone to the film we cast the role of Batman. I understand, they are obviously fast tracking this move. Warner Brothers and DC must feel like they need to compete with the Marvel machine at this point. And they are pretty far behind.

But the key word there is compete, so instead of giving us a descent script and a meaningful story that is well executed, they seem to have decided to build sensationalism around the film. I think announcing it before Batman was cast or a script was written speaks to the fact that they want a buzz around this movie.

And now with casting Affleck it really feels like a stunt  to me. Nothing against Ben Affleck, he is a decent actor and has won many awards that were well deserved. I just don’t feel he is right for the role. He is definitely not a character actor and I do not feel he has the right demeanor to portray Batman. He is, to me, the romantic lead type or the pairing up for a buddy picture type or the cute guy next door type. He can do a serious role, but still brings a light heartedness to his roles. Batman is not light hearted.

For as horrible as Batman and Robin was, one of my biggest issues was Clooney’s portrayal. Again another fine actor in his own respect, but he did not seem to understand the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman and the simple fact that he smiled way to much in the movie points to that. People blame script and directing for that film, but the portrayal of Batman, as denounced by the actor himself, was really bad.

Batman doesn’t smile. He is a driven person that is slightly insane. He is always serious. They need to portray this in the Superman/Batman is they want to stay true to the character as they reintroduce him into the movie universe without delving too much into the back story.  I don’t think Affleck has the ability to portray this on screen.

A lot of people didn’t like Daredevil. One of the main reasons people disliked it was his portrayal of Matt Murdock/Dare Devil. Though DD is not as serious as the Dark Knight he still is very serious character.  He is in some ways the Marvel equivalent to Batman, Driven by a sense of justice. Father killed when he was young. Tragic accident drives him to be who he is. And he is portrayed that way in the comics. The tragic figure sacrificing happiness in his life in the pursuit of justice, but Ben, well he felt like the romantic lead in a DD mask. Again I understand that they brought in Electra into the movie and having the love story between them forced it upon him, but at the same time it felt like he was more interested in her than in being a super hero.

Another issue with someone like Affleck, is no matter how good of a job he does, he brings the baggage of all other roles he’s done with him. So again the stigma of Daredevil, or the stink of Jersey Girl is brought to Batman. I’m not saying it’s right or fair, but the bigger the actor the more this can happen.


And lastly, I feel he is too old for the role. They are reintroducing the character and want to build to a Justice League and some more solo Batman films by the time we would get there he will be in his 50’s. Henry Cavill is only 30 and keep playing Superman for at least the next 12 years, but a guy in his 40’s and by the time we get to a justice league maybe in his 50’s will not be believable in that role anymore.

Look the guy just won some academy awards and is a hot property right now. That is the honest truth, but being a hot property does not make you the right choice to play The Caped Crusader. Well these are my opinions, and hopefully I’ll be proven wrong. But I feel that I won’t be. It’s a shame that this could very easily derail the efforts to finally get us to a Justice League movie. Because if Superman/Batman flops they will want to reboot all over again.

So in closing I ask DC/WB to please reconsider.



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